Visa to Vietnam

Get visa to vietnam from USA

Visa fees

SERVICE FEE: Vietnam Visa collects this fee to process Approval letter with which you can get on board and obtain Vietnam Visa.

STAMPING FEE: To have your visa, stamped, you need to pay in cash directly to Immigration Department at Vietnam international airport.

PROCESSING TIME: We process your application based on Vietnam local time: GMT+7
– URGENT PROCESSING: 8 working hours (plus 10 USD)
– URGENT PROCESSING: 4 working hours (plus 20 USD)

| Please pay by credit card for urgent processing |

ASSISTANT FEE: We offer Assistant Service to save time waiting in a long queue at immigration checkpoint at Vietnam Airports. Our staff will take care of every procedure right upon your arrival until your acquirement of stamped Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa fees

1. Stamping fee is NOT included int service fee. It is payable only at Vietnam airport.
2. The above tariff is applicable until December 30th, 2012.
3. It takes 2 working days for normal processing and 1 working day for urgent processing to complete.
4. NO hidden and extra fees will be charged.

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